Bitcoin Drops, Dash Rises 3/18/17

The price of Bitcoin has steadily dropped to an eye-popping USD $978 on the night of March 18th. The price of the digital currency made a gargantuan rally back in the USD $1,240 range after the SEC ruled against the Winklevoss COIN ETF, which caused the price to plummet USD $200 in less than 15 minutes. The exact reason for this price drop is unknown for the moment and is not yet a concern for long-term investors and speculators. *knocks on wood* One possible reason is the Bitcoin Unlimited debate between miners and developers over the optimal block size for currency scalability.

Dash coin has made its presence known in the crypto economy over the past several weeks. The Dash coin price currently sits above USD $100 and continues to impress. Veteran investors are on the look out for an altcoin bubble bursting, but Dash has been persistent and will not quit. Its qualities as a consumer-facing Bitcoin attracts investors and people who want to use crypto for everyday transactions.

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