Who will take down Bitcoin & Ethereum?

Is there a cryptocurrency that can take down Bitcoin and Ethereum from the one and two spot?

Scalability, Decentralization, Security, these are the three principles the blockchain is trying to solve. Each currency out there can not achieve all three principles. You must sacrifice one in order to achieve the other two, so it seems. So what are the dangers in that? How do top currencies compare when you measure them against the three principles? Is there one that achieves all three…

There has been a lot of talk about the Bitcoin and Ethereum killers out there and lets face the facts it might just happen. But, before it does we need to understand what we are loosing before you want go ahead and jump to conclusions that your coin is the right one for the job. Georgios Konstantopoulos wrote a great article “Scalability Tradeoffs: Why “The Ethereum Killer” Hasn’t Arrived Yet” A quick read that will help you understand these concepts.


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